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Boban Velickovik Promoted to Legal Head at State-Owned Company for Construction and Management of Properties

North Macedonia
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The State-Owned Company for Construction and Management of residential and commercial properties for significance to the Republic has appointed Boban Velickovik to Attorney-at-Law & Head Coordinator of the Legal Department in Skopje.

According to Velickovik, the entity "is a Joint-Stock Company in which the one and only shareholder is the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia (state-owned as it is defined by law). Our company is acting on behalf of the state and doing the job of leasing properties (business space/residential space-commercial and leasing residential space for social cases). Apart from that our company also builds social and commercial buildings."

Velickovik has been with the state enterprise since 2019 as an Attorney-at-Law & Coordinator for Court Cases. "Before my promotion, my role was representing the firm in court proceedings in all legal matters. Since my promotion, I am still acting as its representative in front of the court but I am also in charge now of all legal matters that arise from the scope of operations, and the preparation of the legal documents for the Board of Directors among other things (day to day coordination, personnel matters, etc.)"

Between 2017 and 2019, Velickovik served as a Legal Advisor at the Municipality of Karpos. Earlier still, he served as an Intern and Judicial Associate with the Court of Appeals Skopje between 2016 and 2017.

"I accepted this position because it is a big company and the legal work is really extensive, with a lot of things to cover, so I wanted to give my personal touch in the aspect of improving the daily practice in dealing with legal problems and to set a 'path of working' and legal acting that would greatly facilitate daily work," Velickovik commented. "Apart from that I also liked the idea of being a part of the decision-making process in preparation of legal acts for the Board of Directors and overall communication and coordination between the Management and employees."


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