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CMS Partner Johannes Trenkwalder Joins Green Source in Austria

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Long-time CMS Partner Johannes Trenkwalder will join photovoltaic plant developer Green Source as Legal Counsel and Principal.

Green Source has, to date, developed and realized 27 photovoltaic plant projects with a total capacity of over 332 MW, totaling an investment volume of over EUR 650 million in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Trenkwalder will leave CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz on January 31, 2021. He has been with the firm since 2000 and has served as the head of the CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz office in Kyiv, as co-head of the CEE German Desk, and as head of the Energy Group.

“Of course, we are very sorry to see Johannes Trenkwalder leave,” said CMS RRH Managing Partner Johannes Juranek, “but the new appointment just demonstrates the excellent relationship our lead partners have with our clients. We are extremely thankful to Johannes Trenkwalder for the outstanding reputation and powerful team that the CMS Energy group has today."

“The decision to no longer work as a lawyer for many different companies, but to focus on one client, was made for exclusively personal reasons,” explained Johannes Trenkwalder. “I have greatly appreciated the CMS environment over all these years and my enduring admiration can be seen from the fact that I am now looking forward to continuing to work with them as a client." He added that one of the main reasons for the move is that "the expansion of solar power is of major importance and many more large projects are needed in Central and Eastern Europe. As the European Environment Agency recently announced, the EU needs to shift the electricity sector away from oil, gas, and coal towards renewable energies even more quickly than originally thought in order to achieve its climate targets.”

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